My Experiment of Bullet Journaling

Good morning to all,

I think I've become familiar with the term bullet journaling last summer holidays and I just fell in love with it. Afterward, I presented the idea to a few of my classmates and since then, they've always been asking me to show them my newest monthly setups. One of my friends has even been inspired by it and started her own bullet journal.

(I'm not a good illustrator...)

Anyway, do you actually know what a bullet journal is? I did not. It was my first time hearing about it. In my own slightly unsure words, I would define it as an organization system for our ideas, plans, and time. Nevertheless, it makes the organization much easier and fun than a standard diary because it contains certain characteristic elements or sections that helped me, personally, to basically organize my life last school year.  

I had a very busy year. It was the year before graduation and in my country, this year is quite difficult. I had to attend special seminar classes that I chose the year before according to my possible future university. In my case, it was Biology and Chemistry. However, I still was having normal classes next to that. Even though I was supposed to study more for the seminars, I was forced to study for the other unuseful courses most of the time which was just not right. Besides, I decided to write a sort of "middle school theses" that contained longlasting lab work in a university lab room (the closest university is 1 h 30 min from my town) and participated in AP Biology course for international students. So yeah, a lot to do along with my dance lessons and competitions.

Bullet journal was literally my lifesaver!

You don't need to follow any guide to create your own bullet journal. All you need is just a notebook and a pen. But I wanted to make it a little fancier and personal. I drew a theme for every month (for example, for October I had an autumn theme and Halloween) and put some photos in it, too.

And how exactly did my setups look like?

After listing the keys, I wrote the whole future log for the remaining months of the year 2017 and then 2018. The future log is where I would note any events or tasks of great importance and that I knew about in advance.
I made a "dreams page" and a "books, movies, shows page" as well. Next, I sketched the stars and constellations theme for September and began with my monthly log, the whole month listed on a page divided into two parts: for school and for my workout.
Then, trackers. I tried to track my habits, diet, mood and I also added an expense tracker to control my income and outcome.
After that, I decided to have a section called the recipe of the month but I did not manage to use that every month, though. Never mind.
At the very end, there belongs the weekly log where I planned my days fully, wrote my to-do lists, events, and dance or extra language lessons.

Why was it far better than a regular diary?

I cannot really tell the reason. Probably because it was just a me-time on those crazily busy days. I would plan my days calmly and draw a few pictures. It felt really relaxing and I knew I was organized.

Want videos for some inspiration? Try one of my sources: Amanda Rach Lee

I hope you got an idea how bullet journals work. I apologize for any mistakes as for English is not my first language. Any notes and comments on the content or on my grammar are always welcome but never get too offensive. We're all humans, we are not flawless and we're better polite.


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